i join the crystal-eyed turtle's hand / Prints


#3, #4, #5, #10, #11
Fujiflex Crystal Archive Print
60 x 40 cm, Edition 5

“i join the crystal-eyed turtle’s hand” plays with our imagination. Following an age-old wise creature, we bath in iridescent, fictive landscapes. Multiple layers overlap each other, interweaving in a radiant sound carpet.

The series was exhibited with Vincent's first solo exhibition PINEAL EYE at EXP12 in Berlin, March - April 2017. Further, the series was selected as one of the finalists for the Discovery Award by Encontros da Imagem, and both shown within the framework of the Photography Festival taking place in Braga in September 2016, as well as part of PHOTOART VOLUME II by Lala Moebius in Berlin in October 2016.

MORE IMAGES: https://www.dianevincent.de/crystal/images/