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OBEN Extra Edition


The 'Extra Edition' includes a slightly different version of the book OBEN, which is bound with a black thread (rather then the usual white) and is limited to 21 copies. You will also receive a sketch book in both the same format and binding, and a large 55 x 77 cm poster (with a choice from one of three images – 7 of each are available), all of which comes in a handmade box.

Further information about the book OBEN are summarized on my webpage: https://www.dianevincent.de/oben/purchase

The 55 x 77 cm poster has a grey back, which indicates that it can be glued directly on a surface. Please note that it comes folded inside the cardboard box (together with the photobook and sketch book). To get the poster without folds contact me. Additional shipping with a Mailing Tube for 15 euro (Germany) and 20 euro (international).

Select your choice of one of three available images for the poster here: https://www.dianevincent.de/oben/purchase