It‘s thirty-six degrees. A dry desert sun burns the roof. From up here the vast empty ground seems endless. The heat and the wind touch my skin. I open a door, the background noise of the city fades away. With my eyes closed I see an ocean of weightless light rays - dancing, floating ... I trust my body. I am here.

Photographed by Diane Vincent
Edited by Paul Gaffney and Diane Vincent
Hand-bound by Nico Baumgarten and Diane Vincent

Featuring twenty-one photographs, a poem and a drawing
48 pages
28 cm x 20,5 cm / 11 x 8,1 inch
Special saddle stitched, handbound
Softcover printed offset on Muskat 160g/m²
Lessebo design rough paper 150g/m² and 90g/m²
Digital offset printing
Edition of 250 copies

Released in October 2014

MORE IMAGES OF THE BOOK: https://www.dianevincent.de/oben/book/

VIDEO OF THE BOOK: https://vimeo.com/113525890