within the pinecone, i take rest

34.00 - 55.00

Featuring 25 photographs
60 pages
143 x 109 mm
Swiss brochure, handsewn french link stitch
Stamped linen hardcover
All hand-made by myself
Edition of fifty-five copies
Hand numbered
Plus an extra image as a small print

Every Tuesday I would walk in a park in the middle of Berlin, starting before sunrise, following rabbit holes, branches and my inner voice. I play with the imagery of the pinecone, to refer to the world within; to their seeds, which are housing many possibilities; to the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland in the brain, which has the shape of a pinecone…

MORE IMAGES: https://www.dianevincent.de/within-the-pinecone/artist-book/
MAKING OF: https://www.dianevincent.de/making-of-pinecone/

Besides the regular price I am offering a few copies for 34 EUR, for the ones with a lower income. Choose with honesty in regards to your financial situation.